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Hello, and welcome! I'm Laura, a dedicated and certified Advanced Eye Movement Therapist passionate about enhancing mental and emotional well-being through the power of eye movement therapy. With a background in children's criminal/ sexual exploitation services and Adult mental health services. I have been committed to helping individuals overcome challenges and achieve greater mental clarity and resilience for over 20 years in my career.

I decided to train as an IEMT Practitioner after receiving treatment myself due to some traumatic events that I had experienced. The treatment blew my mind away the fact that I wasn't required to disclose anything was liberating in itself. This then led me to reflect on the work I was doing as a children's manager and how angry and frustrated they would become when engaging with mental health intervention services. I therefore wanted to be able to offer a service that people could access and would not need to disclose the trauma they had experienced. 

My Skills and Qualifications. Advanced Integral Eye Movement Practitioner, Foundation Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Trauma Informed Coaching, Core Transformation, EMDR, NLP, Advanced Safeguarding Managers Training, Children's Sexual Exploitation Intermediate & Advanced, County Lines - How parents are affected, County Lines. Drugs Misuse, Children's Criminal Exploitation, Safeguarding Level 3, Emerging Personality Disorder, Self Harm 
Trusted Relationships, Therapeutic Parenting, Theory of mind recognition
Psychodynamic Theory, Sexual Assault Referral Training for Professionals
Barnardo's Sexual Abuse Advanced Training, Sexual Harmful Behaviour 
DBT, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological First Aid- supporting people through disasters and pandemics Covid 19, NVQ Level 4  Leadership and Management in children's Residential Care, Young People's Mental Health First Aid, Resilience in the Workplace, Children's Sexual Exploitation Level 3
Restorative practice.

I tailor the sessions to my client's individual needs this can include a combination of IEMT/ Coaching/ Mindfulness/ DBT/ NLP & and Core transformation.

Laura Advanced Eye Movement Practitioner
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